Be a Better Leader, Have Greater Impact with Executive Coaching

Building Productivity and Performance

Why hire Jill?
As your Executive Coach, Jill will shine a light on you as a leader. She'll help you reach new heights by recognizing your behaviors and their underlying motivations, as well as increase your confidence to enable you to make decisions from a place of stability. In other words, be your best and deliver your best.

Jill's role is to act as an educator, guide, confidante, and challenger to executive level leaders, C-level executives, and leaders and high potentials at any level. Work with Jill as your Executive Coach to unlock your potential to maximize your performance and that of your organization.

With her commitment to both your career satisfaction and success, working with Jill is an effective strategy to convert your objectives into reality. She'll help you become the leader / manager you've always wanted and to enjoy doing it!

Jill will help you:

  1. Recognize Your Strengths ... Start where you are!
  2. Set Your Direction ... Determine where you want to be
  3. Map Your Course ...Create a plan
  4. Build and Sustain Momentum to Achieve Your Goals ... Step into Action

The outcome? Letting go of less effective approaches and stepping into new ways of thinking, being, and doing. This means greater confidence, better communication, stronger relationships, enhanced productivity, more effective teams, higher satisfaction, and more.

The Possible Life offers Executive Coaching services in the areas of Leadership, Teams, Communication, Professional Development, Recruiting, and Change Management.

Jill will help you:

  • Become a more effective leader
  • Strengthen your personal brand and develop a competitive advantage
  • Improve your self-confidence 
  • Learn to trust and develop trust within your team
  • Increase your impact and the value you deliver

Jill will help your organization:

  • Improve productivity 
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Enhance leadership and managerial effectiveness
  • Build stronger, more efficient teams
  • Effectively manage change during organizational transformation

Step Up Your Career with Career Coaching

Improve your career
Like what you're doing • Be a star where you are • Move up the ladder
As your coach, Jill will help you want to advance, do more, or be better where you are now. Whether you're committed to actively managing your career advancement or maybe you've hit a bump in the road at your current company, she will help you evaluate your situation and create a strategy for making the most of your career. Service offerings range from personal and career assessment to help being proactive and taking action while making continual course corrections to drive your career forward and achieve success, rewards, and fulfillment.

Find something new
Want to do something new • Uncertain what's next • Don't know how to transition
If you know you're ready to take your career in a new direction or are just thinking about making a change, Jill will guide you to explore what's possible and find your unique path. Whether you want to transition out of what you're doing now, or you're moving toward something else, she can help. Services offerings range from getting clarity on what you want to staying on track as you explore and evaluate career options, with a focus on taking action and being productive. We'll help you reduce the uncertainty and risk of making a change so you can take control of the next phase of your career.

Fast track your job search
In transition • Employed and looking • Know what you want to do • Find a job you love
Jill will assist you in all aspects of your job search, from revising your resume to evaluating and negotiating offers. Whether you need a refresher on the basics to jumpstart your job search or you're committed to getting more comprehensive support, this is the path for you. Services offerings range from understanding and communicating your brand to sharpening your job search toolkit, with a focus on planning and action to get your next job faster.